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Charlie Foster (born 20 May 1963 in Czechoslovakia) – pianist, composer, arranger, teacher, live and studio musician.

At the age of six years, I started playing the Piano. One year later I started learning French Horn at school. When I was 14 years old, I also played Drums and Guitar. In 1978, I began studying classical music at the Conservatory in Bratislava with the French horn as my main instrument and the piano as the mandatory, second instrument
After completing my conservatory degree, I continued to study at the Academy of Performing Arts – Classical Music – French Horn instrument with Piano.

Since my student days, I have always had a strong interest in jazz music. I participated in various jam sessions, and focused on improvisation and composition, participating in various international Jazz Workshops.
One of my favorites in the 80’s was workshops in Prague. Among other highlights, also a workshop in the Scott Robinson class – the first saxophonist in the Bob Mintzer Big Band (Yellow Jackets).
With an active presence at various jam sessions, I have been playing with an incredible number of great musicians and gaining a lot of experience in jazz direction.

From 1982 to 1984 I was a member of the “Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra” in Bratislava and member of various jazz formations: trio, quartet, revival, dixie bands.
From 1998 to 2000 I was co-founded “Swing Q”. in Piešťany – Slovakia.
From 2003 to 2016 I was a member of the jazz quartet Vlado Vizar and at the same time also band member “Vlado Vizar Revival & Traditional Jazz Band”.

The acoustic piano as a harmonic, melodic-rhythmic musical instrument, has been my inspiration has given me a sense of freedom in my life. For me, this incredible and versatile instrument offers more possibilities for interpretation and room for greater expression than the French horn.
It is for this reason that, after my graduation, I chose the piano as my preferred instrument.

Since then, while I have been mainly a solo pianist for the past 35 years, I have been and still am also an active member of various jazz, blues, Dixieland and modern formations playing in numerous countries including: Switzerland; Norway; Sweden; Finland; France; Germany; Austria; Croatia; Hungary and the Czech Republic, and many more.

Thanks to my long live and studio experience, I now have a large repertoire in various styles such as jazz, latino, classics, blues, pop, rock, evergreen, cinema music, musicals, oldies, operettes. etc.

Currently I play as a solo piano artist in the best top 5-star hotels in Switzerland and when not there I am often on luxury cruise ships travelling all around the world.

Additionally, when time allows, I work in collaboration with other musicians on a variety of music projects with different formats – designed for both live and studio music.
Moreover of course, over the years I have been composing and recording classical, cinematic and modern music in my own studio as well as in international studios such as the AudioNetStudio – in Switzerland.

Occasionally I teach privately: Piano, Improvisation, Composition.

Personal highlights:

As a member of the best, professional band at the dixie festival – “Vlado Vizar Revival & Traditional Jazz Band” – I had the honour to accompany one world-class “Jazz Celebrity” at the Dixie International Festival in Slovakia:
Mr. Joe Muranyi – last surviving member of original “Luis Armstrong & His Orchestra” – playing on Clarinet!

It was an unforgettable experience and an honour for me to play with a world legend – Mr. Joe Muranyi.


Ain’t She’s Sweet

Alice In Wonderland

As Times Goes By

In A Sentimental Mood

All Of Me




If you have any question to booking or about my website don’t hesitate and feel free to contact me. Please fill out completely my contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible if necessary. Thank you!

Main contact:

Charlie Foster
Musician / Composer / Arranger / Teacher
+41 79 784 20 49 (Charlie)
+421 905 669 243 (Charlie)

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